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  • Dr. Goodfried is a wonderful doctor. He did a complete femoral replacement and hip replacement on me in 2013. He has also done knee replacements on both my knees. If it were not for him I would not be walking.

    ~ Gail Dressell ~

  • Both total knee replacements done in 90 days . Dr Goodfried took 20 years off my life. Now fully mobile. He is the best surgeon.

    ~ Shirley Rogers ~

  • Knee replacement, playing golf in 5 1/2 weeks and it is great! The best surgeon in tyler

    ~ Linda Madsen Phillips ~

  • Great Dr and great experience wasn able to barely take step until he did 2 hip replacements in 2015

    ~ Tracy Christine McKenzie ~

  • Well pleased. Plus he did great on my wife’s hip and knees.

    ~ Steve Epperson ~

  • The best hip surgeon I know of, he literally gave me my life back with the amazing hip replacement he did!

    ~ Clay Streed ~

  • My entire experience has been first class treatment from top to bottom

    ~ Darrell Piske ~

  • Been to other Doctors He is only one to get it right in 2015 I had no hips both were bone on bone and I was in wheelchair He did 2 complete hip replacements changed my life forever !!!

    ~ Tracy Christine McKenzie ~

  • Great Doctor. He has performed 2 successful total hip replacements on me. Would not use any other Surgeon for this. Also, love Paul that closely works with Dr. Goodfried..

    ~ Norma Burgess Durham ~

  • Great experience even if I got a shot in my knee.

    ~ Barbara Cockrum ~

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