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  • Complete left hip replacement, anterior access surgery was performed at Tyler Spine & Joint hospital. If I had known the outcome I would have had the surgery many months sooner. The pain I was experiencing before surgery was gone. The pain from surgery was very manageable and mostly gone within a mo...

    ~ Self-verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Goodfried replaced my right knee and it has changed my life. I now can walk with confidence and have all of my normal activities back. Texas Spine and Joint is an excellent hospital and one I would recommend to anyone. Dr. Goodfried is highly regarded by healthcare professionals and is an exc...

    ~ Peggy Patton ~

  • Dr. Goodfried is one of the most caring doctors I've ever met. Excellent bedside manners, truly cares about his patients. I love & appreciate you Dr. Goodfried.

    ~ Leann Caldemeyer ~

  • Outstanding doctor with the best of skills and knowledge. Wonderful bedside manner. Great communication with patients, excellent, professional staff. Thank you Dr. Goodfried!

    ~ Becky Burns ~

  • Dr. Goodfried is a great surgeon and doctor. He is very knowledgeable in the area of Hips and Knees. He has great communication skills and bedside manors. I highly recommend Dr Goodfried to all of my family, friends and co-workers.

    ~ Ed Kopal ~

  • Dr. Goodfried performed my brother's hip replacement surgery. He explained the procedure to the family, graciously answered all of our questions and had my brother walking with a walker within a couple of hours of the surgery. He is a fantastic surgeon with great bedside manner. Thank God for puttin...

    ~ Sharon Curtis ~

  • He is a great Dr ! Dr Goodfried saved me from pain with knee replacement then I broke my femur. I wouldn't let any other touch my knees but him ! So what if he hunts so do a lot of people !

    ~ Terri York ~

  • Dr good fried has been instrumental in changing my life. He has performed 2 total knee replacements which allowed me to b active again. Keep up w grandchildren excercise and pretty much do about what I did when much younger. I'm actually having fun and enjoying life again. I can call his office anyt...

    ~ Self-verified Patient ~

  • My husband had bad knees for a very long time, after his double knee replacement he was relieved from all the pain. He wished he had done it sooner. Love you Gary Goodfried!

    ~ my heart ~

  • This is a great doctor. I was so impressed with him and the way he handles things. He gets things done with none of the nonsense you usually get when you go to the doctor. If you have a back or knee problem, this is the guy to see.

    ~ Gwenith McMahan ~

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